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HORN Glass Industries AG The cornerstone of what is HORN Glass Industries AG today was laid over 100 years ago, when August Horn founded in the year 1894 a small glass service industry in the Bavaria. HORN Glass Industries AG has carried this tradition further to join the ranks of leading international glass plant-equipment. Today HORN is, for example, placed amongst the Top 500 of Europe's Job creating companies by the Europe's Award and employs about 230 people. HORN Glass Industries AG has a wide range of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of different furnace types, such as regenerative and recuperative continuous tank furnaces, float furnaces, electrical tank, pot furnaces , day tanks, electrical tank furnaces for domestic and lighting ware, tableware, containers, technical glassware, sheet glass and etc., in different glass types. HORN's range of utility equipment includes combustion systems, control and safety equipment, electrical boosting and mixings systems, to name but a few. HORN Glass Industries AG also offers all forehearth systems, supply stations for oil, gas, oxygen, water, regenerative and recuperative burner systems, combustion equipment, boosting systems and process controlling systems of the highest standard. HORN has developed products such as the OPTIBEAM; the internationally applied laser glass level control system. Another business section of HORN is machinery for the thermal process of glass like annealing lehrs, roller annealing and decorations lehrs. Hot and cold end coating stations and much more. HORN Glass Industries AG activities generally split in following divisions: Glass melting furnace engineering und supply -engineering and planning of complete glass melting furnaces; -individual planning and design by CAD-technology; - supply of combustion-, control- and peripheral equipment -Start-up -Training Glass melting furnace service -setting-up and mounting of complete furnaces; -hot and cold repairs of all furnace types; -drilling and draining of tank furnaces; -heat-up, melt-up and run-in of all furnaces; Thermoprocess Machinery -annealing lehrs, roller annealing lehrs and decorating lehrs, which are in operation at internationally renowned glass producers and decorators -hot and cold end coating stations HORN Bau & Service GmbH The HORN Bau & Service GmbH is the executive division on the construction site. The unique working conditions, such as the extreme temperatures, call for a team of highly qualified specialists and experts. High precision bricklaying guarantees the customer a furnace with a long life span and many years of trouble-free operation. In addition to traditional furnace construction, HORN Bau & Service GmbH undertakes steel construction on an international scale, with experts in the Four Corners of the Globe. Beside bricklaying and steel construction also the supervision by highly qualified experts belonging to the jobs of HORN Bau & Service GmbH. At the end the furnace will be heated up and commissioned complete by the personnel of HORN.

Horn Glass Industries AG

Address: Bergstraße 2 D- 95703-Plössberg Postal Code: 95703 Website: http://www.hornglass.com

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